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We are a clinic specialized in Maxillofacial Surgery, which includes medical and surgical treatment for pathologies affecting the face, neck and mouth; working closely to other medical and dentistry specialties.

Our administrator Md. Pablo Furelos executes and supervises every surgery done in our clinic.

We are used to more complex surgical techniques, including craniofacial surgery. But all those surgical means are only necessary in very special situations. Being aware that other techniques could be used, during many years we have investigated looking for simpler and less aggressive surgical solutions to solve difficult situations.

We are specialized in treatments for the most difficult cases in DENTAL IMPLANTOLOGY, but using simple methods that offer a high reliability and durability.

Those techniques entail a long learning wave; they take long years of practise and investigation.

Our goal is that implants last in your mouth for all your life without complications.

The bases for those implantological treatments are:

The latest trends in dental implantology logically follow that way. Little by little aggressive methods are being abandoned.

We exclusively focus on surgical treatment, working closely with the odontologist or stomatologist that you chose, and he will be the one carrying out the prosthetic restoration. We logically would prefer that you continue the treatment with your usual dentist. Creating beautiful and effective dentures is also a job that demands a long specialization.

There are also many novelties in the field of FACIAL AESTHETICS we want to offer you; we carry them out with medical and surgical techniques. There are some situations in which surgery shows its limits, even when it is us carrying it out modern advances in technology provide us materials that make it possible to correct facial defects in a non-surgical way, with no risks for future complications; sculpting the face with a degree of precision almost impossible until little time ago. This means years of experience and its specific practise.

As MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY specialists, we make use of all the novelties and always try to lead innovative techniques. We carry out a wide range of facial interventions: maxillary- jaw disparity (orthognatic surgery), nose (rhinoplasty), eyelids (blepharoplasty), ears (otoplasty)…

We use the most advanced techniques in three-dimensional planning, together with long experience.

Our main goal is any procedure taking place is our clinic to be a nice experience. And logically successful.

In the section MY CASE many patients that have been operated by Md. Furelos, both in our clinic or in other hospitals, tell us their experience. This only means some expectations in the results that we try to offer you. All the cases show typical results, not exceptional ones, that is why we show various examples for the same situation. Patients’ collaboration has been marvellous.

It has been strictly done according to confidentiality protocols, as certified by our ISO 27001.

Our head office is placed in Tenerife, in a beautiful modernist palace that dates back to 1912; it has been fit and equipped with the most advanced technology in order to offer avant-gardist treatments. We have created a virtual route so you can visit it.

We have received patients for other countries for ages, what has created a necessity to open a representation office in the north of Europe.

Paris has been chosen for this purpose, and we are located in a beautiful sitting in front of the Senate and Luxembourg Gardens.

It is to be used exclusively by patients that had already visited the doctor or had a surgical intervention in our head office.



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