Facial reconstruction

Our face, our most relevant characteristic, our main sign of identity, may be altered by several causes: birth defects, accidents, cancer…

Many people have defects of the face. Some of them are severe and unfair, such as those brought abaut by genetic disorders, accidents or consequences of surgery.

Logically, surgery contributes to solve many of those problems and, up until recently, it used to be the only possibility. But although it is a good option, it is not free of a number of complications, even when carried out by excellent professionals.

Even without complications, the replacement of volume is never precise enough. We apply the volume that we consider necessary and at the same time we estimate how much will be reabsorbed in the short or medium term. This means that it may seem disproportionally voluminous at present to counterbalance future reabsorption, whereas it may possibly need more  volume in the future.

It seems that the ideal option would be to get the necessary volume little by little, with precision, following your instructions, or those of a qualified thid part. The good news is that this is possible. There are filler materials wich do not have complications in the short or long term that allow us to do this. The only acceptable one is synthetic hyaluronic acid, with no antigenic traces.

The 21st century has provided us with this advance. But an adequate sculptor is needed. Not only one who masters the necessary techniques to use these materials, which is complex in itself, but one who also has enough aesthetic focus to get a harmonic, beautiful result. We do have this ability.

Therefore we have multiple options to provide you with the most appropriate solution. Both surgical and non-surgical.

It is necessary to perform a reconstruction of the face, which needs to be done by well experienced surgeons.



Dental implants


Facial modeling



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