Dental implants and diabetes

Diabetic patients and dental implants

Diabetic patients are normal candidates for the placing of dental implants. In our clinic the percentage of success in dental implantology with them is equal to the one with patients who don´t suffer it; always in case that plasmatic glycemia is under control. This is possible when having a delicate surgery under strict sterility conditions.

Some considerations about diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is the most prevailing endocrine disease and it is the third mortality and morbidity cause in the western world.

It approximately affects 7% of the population and 20% prevalence in patients over 60.

95% of cases are diabetes type 2, typical from adults and it is caused by an inability of the body to adequately respond to the effects of the insulin that is created by the pancreas.

Diabetic patients are prone to suffer infestations and vascular complications. The process of recovery is affected by an alteration of the vascular function and the function of neutrophils. Proteins’ mechanism decreases and the cicatrisation of the hard (bones) and soft (gums) tissues is delayed. That is why it needs to be done with extreme delicacy by well experienced professionals; it minimizes the unfavourable effects of the disease.

Diabetes and periodontal disease

Diabetic patients need to be especially careful about their mouth and teeth health.

Periodontal disease is one of the causes of the rise in the blood glucose levels and according to the American Diabetes Association, it contributes to diabetes progression.

Diabetics are in a higher risk of suffering gums disease, as they are frequently more sensitive to bacterial infestation.

That is why procedures such as dental implantology are not only convenient but they also contribute to improve oral and general health and to have glycaemia under control.



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