Dental implants. General characteristics

Dental implants are used to replace dental losses, constituting the solid base that will stand the new tooth.

The design of the dental implant is based on the shape of the natural tooth.

Dental implant in bone of normal density

María, dental implants being 96

A natural tooth has two main parts, the first one, called crown, is visible and is placed above the gums.

The second one, called root, is hidden and firmly placed in the maxillary bone.

Due to the high degree of perfection reached by the materials used to create the artificial crowns, it is impossible to distinguish a dental implant from a natural tooth.

Dental implants versus natural tooth

Dental implants: placing

Dental implant and bone integration

The hidden part of the dental implant is screw-shaped and it functions as the root of the natural tooth, being anchored to the bone.

It is curious that despite the several unsuccessful attempts that have taken place, the most useful system to anchor the tooth is the one similar to a common carpentry screw.

Dental implants can be used to substitute a tooth, several pieces or all the teeth. When the implant is properly placed, it can last in a comfortable way for an unlimited period of time, and that is our main goal. Bear in mind that some people have them since 30 years ago.

The process of placing the dental implant is very easy. A hole in the bone is carefully made in order to accommodate it. Although in some occasions it is possible to immediately place the implant, the most common thing is to put a provisional tooth.

Once it has been placed, a process of healing stars; this is the osseointegration of the tooth. The osseous cells grow, establishing solid bridges with the metallic part. This process lasts 1-4 months. In very little occasions there is a growing of tissue around the implant which is different from the bone, the so called fibrointegration. It is painless but it doesn´t allow the union with the bone, so it is necessary to remove it and place it again.

Once the integration takes place, the provisional tooth and the closing screw are removed and replaced by the definitive tooth, which normally joins the implant through an interior screw.



Dental implants


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