Disfunction of the mandibular articulation

The TMJ (Temporomandibular joint) is double and complex articulation, although it is small, it makes possible wide and various movements. It is formed by the mandibular condyle and the temporal bone (between them is a cartilage that provides stability to the articulation), apart from a wide system of muscles and ligaments.

Among the alterations of the TMJ are those that can also appear in other joints. The causes can be degenerative, traumatic, tumoral and inflammatory.

The most frequent pathology of the TMJ and the one that most patients ask about is the appearance of pain, inflammation and noises in the joint, sometimes accompanied by headache and pain in the neck. In those cases it is necessary to make an exhaustive study of the patient to get to the right diagnosis and establish the most appropriate treatment.

The treatment for alterations in the TMJ has undergone great changes in the last years. Apart from the traditional splint to relax it, other innovative techniques such as platelet concentrate infiltrations have appeared, offering magnificent results.



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